SMA Creative Heritage Innovation Centre (CHIC)is designed as a collaborative workspace for the creative startup community. It is a community-driven shared work space for the startups / entrepreneurs that would encourage them to create, share and discuss ideas as well as network and mingle with fellow peers, mentors, and partners. CHIC is to provide growth opportunities for content creators and to build a strong creative community towards culture and heritage preservation in Kuching, Sarawak. 


Primary shared event space and to conduct programs, workshops, classes and events. For networking among the creatives, content creators and performing arts through community partnerships. Act as platform for creative startups to gain access to business opportunities through programs.

Our vision
To ESTABLISH Sarawak as a MEDIA HUB in the region and ACCELERATE the growth of creative media industry.

Our mission
To provide a LOCAL PLATFORM for creative ideas, stories to be shared to larger audience and generations to come. To nurture talents from Sarawak.






CHIC is designed to be a collaborative workspace for the community centre. It’s more than just a event space — it’s a community-driven hangout where community could gather to create, share, and discuss ideas.

●80-100 pax at one time
●Theatre seating layout
●LCD Projector / LED Screen with 16:9 ratio
●Fast WiFi
●Audio visual and lighting setup for speech, event and light performance
●Designated as event space


●2-3 pax at one time
●Fast WiFi
●Equipped with video camera, green / blue screen, recording microphone, and high-end specification workstation for graphic and video purposes
●Designated as acoustic and soundproof
●Dedicated chairs and tables

●8-10 pax at one time
●Fast WiFi
●Equipped with writing tempered glass, built-in LCD projector and white screen
●Designated for private engagement
●Moving chairs


  • Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak, Jalan Masjid Kuching, Malaysia
  • (General Enquiry)
  • Working hours
  • Monday-Friday: 9.00am – 6:00pm

Sarawak Creative Community Covid19 Impact Survey

This survey is to gauge the creative media community feedback on how CHIC-SMA can serve you better under the new normal guideline.


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